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D&E Import LLC imports fresh fish daily from several countries around the world. Some of our staple items are shown below.


Origins: Costa Rica and Ecuador


Origins: Chile, Costa Rica and Ecuador


Origins: Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka

Based on availability and seasonality, we import Grouper, Snapper, Wahoo and other bi-catch species that come in with our core items.
We can also source specialty items upon request.


Our fresh fish mainly arrives in the U.S. via air freight to Miami. Once here, and released by U.S. Customs, our product is picked up by our freight forwarder and brought back to their warehouse. At this time all products are checked for quality, graded, re-iced, and order picked – pending, of course, release by the U.S. FDA. All items are then distributed on refrigerated commercial carriers throughout the country. This process is completed in a fully certified HACCP facility including CTPAT, TSA, Certified Cargo Screening Program, FDA, U.S.D.A. PPQ Compliant, and Primus Food Safety certifications.

Here at D&E Import, we understand that you always have a choice as to where to purchase your seafood. We value each and every customer and welcome the opportunity to service you on a regular basis.

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