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Product Name:PrimoSeas Brand Tuna Steaks AAA Grade
Product Species:Yellowfin Tuna
Latin Name:Thunnus Albacores
Country of Origin:Various
Method of Catch:Wild Caught - 25 kg/up round fish
Raw Material:Yellowfin Tuna. Product is processed using CO to retain color
Quality:Premium, AAA Grade
Size:Tuna Steaks assorted sizes:
4 oz steak - 3.5 to 4.99 oz
6 oz steak - 5.0 to 6.99 oz
8 oz steak - 7.0 to 8.99 oz
10 oz steak - 9.0 to 10.99 oz
Processing:Steaks are cut to a 1 to 1.25 inch thickness
Color:Uniform color throughout. No meat softness. Products air-blast frozen at -40 degrees C or lower. No sashi allowed.
Shelf Life:24 months from production date
Primary Packaging:Steaks are individually vacuum packed
Secondary Packaging:Master case - product packed in corrugated box with poly liner 10 lb net weight.
Product Labeling:Master carton has label description of content.
Health Quality Specs:Raw material is inspected for mercury and histamine to FDA standards and procedures.

Minimum criteria are:
Mercury <.75 PPM
Histamine <25 PPM.

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