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Product Name:PrimoSeas Brand Mahi-Mahi Kabobs, Pieces & Portions
Product Species:Mahi-Mahi
Latin Name:Coryphaena hippurus
Country of Origin:Ecuador and Peru
Method of Catch:Wild Caught
Raw Material:Fresh Mahi-Mahi must meet the following criteria: Shiny green/opalescent skin, clear eyes and firm flesh when pressed with finger. The tail cut should display a reddish, light red or medium red blood line. No faded fish, fish with opaque eyes, soft fish or fish with dark or faded bloodlines will be accepted for processing. Fish should all be fresh, firm and natural translucent pale white to pinkish color. No opaque, flat white or greenish meat will be accepted. Bloodlines should be light red or medium red, any brown bloodlines will be rejected when grading.
Size:2-4 oz; 4 oz; 6 oz; 8 oz and 10 oz.
Processing:Processed from fletch, not fillets; non CO treated
Color:Meat: pale white to pinkish - shiny green/opalescent
Shelf Life:24 months from production date
Primary Packaging:Portions 2-4oz IQF, poly bag, 1 x 10 lbs. master. Portions 4oz and larger individually vacuum 1 x 10 lbs. master carton. Good quality, leak proof vacuum pack.
Product Labeling:Label on width side of master carton. Labeling: Mahi-Mahi Portions (applicable size on box)

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