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Product Name:Florida Quality Rock Shrimp
Product Species:Rock Shrimp
Latin Name:Sicyonia brevirostris
Country of Origin:USA & Mexico
Method of Catch:Wild Caught
Raw Material:Rock Shrimp
Size:70/90 count OB
Processing:Peeled, deveined meat only
Shelf Life:Frozen stored at 0 degree F 6 months
Primary Packaging:Plastic Gallon
Secondary Packaging:6 gallon to carboard case
Product Labeling:Label on width side of master carton.
Health Quality Specs:Rock Shrimp is a deep-water cousin of the wild pink, brown and white shrimp.
It has a rock-hard shell and many say it resembles a miniature lobster.
Rock Shrimp live, spawn and are caught year round using reinforced trawl nets off Florida's Atlantic Coast as well as in some areas of the Gulf of Mexico.
Sizes vary, but typically they do not grow larger than 21/25 count.
It is sold fresh or frozen and in various forms.
It has a sweet taste and is a perfect fit for many lobster and shrimp recipes
Nutritional Value per Serving:
For approximately 4 oz servings (114 grams) of raw, edible portions
Calories from Fat:10
Total Fat:1g
Saturated Fat:5g
Trans Fatty Acid0
Total Carbohydrates:0
Omega 3 Fatty Acid:0

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