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Product Name:MarGalicia Brand Premium Spanish Octopus
Product Species:Octopus
Latin Name:Octopus Vulgaris
Country of Origin:Morocco, Mauritania, Spain, and Portugal (FAO 34, FAO 27, FAO 37)
Method of Catch:Wild Caught, Artisenal vessels
Raw Material:Pot caught (trapped live) along the North Africa Atlantic coast as well as the coasts of Spain & Portugal. Raw product material must have good skin color, positive muscle presence (firm texture) and smell like fresh Octopus right out of the water and have a rich sweet flavor.
Size:1-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 lbs
Processing:Washed, cleaned, gutted and tenderized with E330 & E331 (Citric Acid & Sodium Citrate)
Shelf Life:24 months from production date
Primary Packaging:Tray: Polietilen 400 mcr. Density 1.34 gr/cm3; weight G size 46 grm/P size 35 grm film: Polioefina 19u
Secondary Packaging:Corrugated master carton 381 x 309 x 221. Weight 514 grm
Product Labeling:Labels on two sides of master cartons as well as each individual tray
Health Quality Specs:Allergen: Fish. Citric Acid. Sodium Citrate Protein: 15%, Fat: 0.9%, Carbs: 1.4%
Quality Assurance:All product processed & packed in accordance with US FDA and EU specifications

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