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Product Name:PrimoSeas Brand Cornetfish Fillet
Product Species:Blue-Spotted Cornetfish
Latin Name:Fistularia commersonii
Country of Origin:Ecuador (Pacific Ocean FAO 87)
Method of Catch:Purse seine vessels and craft boats
Raw Material:Cornetfish
Quality:#1 Grade
Size:1 oz - 2 oz
Shelf Life:24 months from production date
Primary Packaging:Low density polythylene bag
Secondary Packaging:Master case is a corrugated cardboard box containing two (2) 5 lbs. poly bags for a total 10 lbs. net weight carton.
Product Labeling:Master carton has label description of content.
Health Quality Specs:Microbiological and Chemicals:
ParametersMaximum Limit
Total Coliforms<1000 UFC/g
Fecal coliforms<1.1 NMP/g
E. coli<10 UFC
V. choleraAbsence/25g

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