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Product Name:IQF Swordfish Loins CO Skin on
Product Species:Chilean Swordfish
Latin Name:Xiphias gladius
Country of Origin:Chile
Method of Catch:Wild Caught
Raw Material:Fresh fish, gutted, from artisanal fishing vessels. Temperature at reception <4 degrees C.
Size:5+ lbs.
Skin:Skin on
Texture:Firm, meaty
Color:Range from pink, white, orange depending upon diet of fish
Shelf Life:24 months from production date
Primary Packaging:Vacuum Packed
Secondary Packaging:Corrugated cardboard box, bubble bag, printed optional, labeled and sealed with plastic transparent tape
Product Labeling:White label containing the name of the product, scientific name, weight, size, production date, best before date, batch, manufacturer, plant number, and country of origin, capture zone FAO

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